Pink Flight

See reports and pictures from the flight here.


Not that we’ve been talking about micro-marketing,  but Air New Zealand has been blanketing the Castro with ads for its upcoming Pink Flight from SFO to Sydney on February 26 to deliver the gay peeps for Mardi Gras.   I call it micro not because of the Gay area target audience but since this is selling at best one flight per year.  So either the profit margin on a sold-out flight is large enough to support billboards and radio, or Air New Zealand hopes that the Gays will like their experience enough to fly them back Down Under and to Kiwi-land again sometime.  I’ve been to New Zealand’s North Island several times and would love to go back on an extended vacation.  A friend of ours has just moved (back) to Melbourne so we may plan a trip to Australia later this year.

In any case its been announced that Kathy Griffin will be hosting the flight, and its bound to be over the top.  Me, I would prefer to sleep through the fourteen hours.   Revoke my gay party card.


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