Atlantis Liberty of the Seas cruise diary

I kept a diary aboard the Liberty of the Seas on the January 2008 cruise in the western Caribbean.  This was an Atlantis all-gay cruise, my first time in the Caribbean.  Lots of friends from San Francisco aboard.  Rather than try to rework the diary to give a comprehensive picture of the entire cruise,  I’ll let a single representative day’s entry suffice.  This is the middle of the cruise week.

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Day 4 – Wednesday
Wednesday started at midnight at the Under the Sea party.  underthesea.jpgThis was located indoors rather than the top deck outside.  “Studio B” as it was called is the ice rink, converted to a dance floor.  Its a two story space entered from the top level, where there are bars and bleachers looking over the dance floor (ice rink).  You walk down aisles in the bleachers to reach the floor.  This provides the benefit of a great chill space, the bleachers, to sit and watch the dancers when you need to rest.

The theme brought out the best costumes so far.  Many were group costumes.  A group of men wearing red shorts, white tees and red and white striped clown fish as hats.  People covered with netting strewed with star fish and seaweed.  Board shorts that had plush stuffed sharks sewn by their mouths to the back.  I saw two separate people doing a very elaborate Neptune, with trident and body paint and glitter.  There were lobsters, and people in life vests.  I just wore a swim suit.

The party got going around 1am in full swing.  Lots of bumpers being passed around.  People were having fun.  This party, perhaps because it was in a more condensed space, seemed to have the highest eye-candy proportion so far, but thats not to say there was any lack at the others either.  I managed to find my way into prime clumps several times.  I also did my usual number of both bleacher runs to scan the crowd to see which way the hotties were clumping, and cabin trips to costume changes.  R was a man magnet all night, making new friends.

We got back from the “Under the Sea” party together around 5am.  The party itself was going strong.  I havent’ heard yet from anyone who stayed later but it may have gone until much later.  The DJ Paul Goodyear from Sydney was playing a style of dance music that was not house, not tribal, not pop, not disco, but some strain which was at once danceable but not too familiar.  Easy to listen to but not tired.  He had the crowd on its toes all night.  Even the boys in the bleachers were dancing.

Up at noon today.  I had changed the door hunk to Brady Quinn at 5am when we returned from the dance.  I had taken a sleep aid, and along with ear plugs and the ships gently rocking in the swells I had a very restful six or seven hours.  Now relaxing in the SBC lounge (Seattle’s Best Coffee – apparently Royal Caribbean couldn’t reach an agreement with Starbucks) watching the crowd, may seem to be just getting up and getting some pastries to eat with their coffee.

Today is a “sea day” all day, the weather is crazy beautiful, and most men are up topside around one of the three pools, or an upper deck, or playing at the surf-rider in the fantail.

Down on the Promenade, as deck 5 is called, we are listening to a steel drum band playing to us from a catwalk.  The promenade is an atrium space in the center of the ship that runs from deck 5 up to deck 10 and the inner cabins have views out to the atrium rather than the sea.  The promenade on deck 5 is lined with shops, salons, and eateries of the type you might find in a shopping mall, which is the unfortunate atmospshere that it brings to the ship.  Its pleasant though and the restaurants are free of course and you can sit and lounge anywhere, unlike at a mall.

Today from 4 to 6 is the Classic Dico T dance on the pool deck.  I expect some great costumes – the disco era is just the training wheels class for costume parties.  Its easy to parody well,  because the 70s were so, well, it was the 70s right?  I mean come on we had Nixon, Ford, and Carter.  We had Spiro Agnew.  We had disco Elton and most of all we had the iconic Studio 54.  We had Disco which itself burned out on its own popularity and became parodied before the decade was extinguished into the Reagan era of the 80s.

So the Classic Disco T was very enjoyable especially since the weather was nice topside.  Great costumes although no Nixon, Agnew or the like.  Hot crowd of course.

That night was the 90s Diva party and I skipped that in favor of trying to catch up on sleep, since the major cruise event, the White Party, would be tomorrow and need a lot of energy


3 thoughts on “Atlantis Liberty of the Seas cruise diary

  1. Greetings from Texas! I enjoyed your blog. I was on that cruise (my first gay cruise) and you captured those two days very well. I could not believe how FREE everyone was to do what they wanted! I’ve already signed up for cruises next year! -m

  2. hi, i read some of your entries because i would like to experience this unique cruise. i am in texas so i assume florida would be the closest city to depart from.,however what ports (islands) did you visit.,how was the weather and should i book through Royal Carribean? thank you for the info.,(dan in texas)

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