Huckabee, Romney and an atheist’s musings

For Christmas one of the gifts I got my boyfriend was a book entitled ‘The Atheist Bible’ which contains wise aphorisms from atheists throughout history.  Great book – albeit not a typical gift at Christmas.  I’m thinking of this because its Super Tuesday, with Clinton and Obama vying for wins on one side and McCain, Romney and Huckabee on the other.  Thinking about who I would like to see as the Republican nominee, I want to say Huckabee, because as a religious wingnut he would be the easy opponent for whichever Democrat wins the nomination.  Of course then I think but gee, not all communities in America see Huckabee as a nutcase.  He did make it to Governor of Arkansas.  What if he might win?  That would be almost as bad as GW.  (Not quite, I think Huckabee has some smarts at least).

Then I think, well Romney is Mormon, and maybe a lot of middle America wouldn’t vote for a Mormon.  Because Mormons may not be Christians.   So he might be the best Republican nominee for us Democrats.  But then I think, well what if he wins though?  Don’t Mormons have even crazier beliefs than Evangelical Christians?

But where all this led to is an understanding that once you believe in a supernatural creator / ruler who formulates all laws physical, philosophical and moral without regard to any external moral system you just end up with the same pile of shit.  Doesn’t matter that Mormons believe in extra ‘weird’ stuff like becoming gods of their own planets.  Is that any stranger than believing in bodily resurrection at ‘Rapture’?  Not even stranger I would posit than the beliefs of Scientologists.  Which is to say, I think its all too strange to believe.

Even if the Christian beliefs are true, who really wants to go to their Heaven?  I have this vague idea that it would be an eternal existence among clouds, soft lighting, and choir practice.  Boring!  I would rather die, thank you.

For those who think a supernatural law giver is needed to provide for justice and morality on Earth, I also say bullshit.  Try John Rawls a Theory of Justice for instance.

Now that leads me back to the topic of the election, and Super Tuesday.  On the Democratic side,  I am leery of Obama because of some of his religious affiliates and their disparagement of GLBT rights.  But either way I won’t be terribly disappointed.

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