En route East

So I’m up here at 35,000 feet watching the Rockies go snowily by beneath me.  Another jet a little above us and a few miles south zips silently across my line of sight going back West where we just came from.

I have been reading further into “Eat, Pray, Love”.  I can now see why my therapist recommended this one.  I had expressed some guilt that I was not making “the best use” of my planned time off work this Winter.  The book is a memoir of a writer who took a year off to, basically, allow herself to just experience pleasure, however she wanted, on any given day.  Although, its not quite that because she mentions at the outset that she had pre-sold the book that would be based on the year off.  So she did in fact have an assignment.

Which leaves me feeling split again because I don’t want to rush back to work before I have been able to see what it is I want to do next.  But I also don’t want to waste time.  We only get so much.

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