I’m on a Southwest 737 flying at twilight over what I take to be western Wyoming right now.  The few clouds are beautifully illuminated by the setting sun.  So pink, so g-a-y.  Will pick up my book shortly.  I’m just enjoying the red wine right now.  I have dozens of the drink coupons that Southwest gives to its frequent flyers.  I never use them since I keep them stored in a handy place at home, always to leave for the airport without them.  Except this time!  So on board I ask if they have any red wine, waiting for the reply of well, yes, we have a nice Pinot from the Santa Cruz mountains, or a Cab from the Rutherford Valley in Napa County.  And we have an old-vine Zin from Paso Robles.  Which would you prefer?  But instead I thought I heard,  “sure we have red wine” and before I knew it I was given a plastic cup full of, indeed, red wine.  Yum.

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