Atlantis Liberty of the Seas Cruise Diary

Well it seems my previous post of a diary entry for a random day on the recent Liberty of the Seas Atlantis all-gay cruise has lots of interest.  While I am still sorting out photos,  here’s another diary snippet.  Heavily redacted, as they say.  Below, my boyfriend getting ready to set sail with a potent potable.  How did we manage to lose weight on this cruise!?


Day 5 – Thursday

Thursday morning we arrived at Labadee which turns out to be a private beach resort run by Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines, leased from Haiti.  Perhaps the cheapest real estate in the Caribbean.  No interaction with locals here, just a very scenic rugged peninsula, beaches, and a beautiful harbor for the ship.  We debarked with two friends from San Francisco and went to the water park attraction to play around in the warm lagoon.  The water park provided a huge water slide which we all did once, then we went to burn some calories on the other park attractions including the “teeter totter”, and the “icebergs”.  The icebergs were like mini floating climbing walls with a flat top, and a slide on the downside.  Fun!   They also had several water trampolines.  These were large innertube-like rings from which were suspended the springy mats in the center of the rings.  Trying this in the water was a lot easier than it would have been in a gym – a lot less nerve-wracking to jump up very high because the worst that could happen was you ended up in the water, not a floor!

The four of us ate lunch, drank, and ended up on the other side of the small peninsula to enjoy the beach there after lunch.

Later that afternoon we all got back on the ship, which was served by harbor tenders as Labadee has no wharf for the cruise ships.

My boyfriend and I got ready for the White Party later that evening,  dressing in our matching white fringed hot pants outfits, with glitter and spangled armbands to go with.  The White Party was dj’d by Wayne G who is one of my favs.  I had been topside to observe the preparations earlier, and the decorations were great – many white balloons of varying sizes floating in the pools and hot tubs,  white streamers overhead and more.  The crowd was overwhelmingly in white.  This was one party where the theme was picked up by almost everyone.  I saw only a handful of people wearing other than white, and a significant number of groups who had organized costumes.  I loved the “cum blob”, and there were of course angels, and many more elaborate outfits.  Oh special shout out to my fav new friends the Boston Red Sox in their hot white and skin-tight uniforms.

The music was good and only got better later when Wayne G started his set.  The crowd came in several waves, and after the mid point of about 3am people started changing into more comfortable dance attire but it was still primarily a white costumed crowd til it ended at around 8am.

My boyfriend retired at a decent hour, I stayed out thoughout and enjoyed the sunrise, which highlighted puffy clouds on the horizon a little after 7am.

Day 6 – Friday

Friday started at the White Party, with the crowd dancing overnight til dawn.  I then retired, took a sleeping pill, and closed the veranda shades tightly to ward of the intruding daylight.  I had already changed the Hunk of the Day to Paul Walker with a picture from Out of the Blue.

The Atlantis crew celebrates the 70s era with us, below!  Click to enlarge.


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