Lazy Friday

Well, I started off strong this morning, still a bit on Eastern Timezone, so up early and writing for the blog from my morning post at Queen Malika coffee in the Castro.  I committed (to myself) to write a new version of a short story I am working on, so I headed home after a while to work on that.

Instead I’ve managed to distract myself.  First thought it would be a good idea to read that new Alice Munro story in this week’s New Yorker.  Yeah, that will help to set my sights high.   So I start that then realize I need another cup of coffee and make some decaf because I’ve been having too much caffeine lately.  Then I get interrupted with some painting contractors who need to look at the condo building here.  Then its lunchtime.  After that I think, gee I should go get a workout in before it gets too late.  So I putz around searching for my workout stuff which is scattered about because of the unpacking from my trip.  At which point I decide – no, the gym is just a distraction from writing, so I will sacrifice that today.  So I give up that idea, then promptly park myself in front of the TV to watch last night’s episode of Lost.  I was too tired to stay up last night to catch it, and anyway I always need to skip back.  I rationalize by considering that if I wait too long I’ll have to watch the prior episode first.

And now I am here again at the laptop – maybe I need to actually do the rewrite with pen and paper!


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