Update – Oxnard gay shooting

Lawrence King, the 15 year old who was shot Tuesday in front of classmates at E.O. Green Jr. High in the coastal town and LA suburb of Oxnard, was declared brain dead yesterday.  Suspected killer and fellow student Brandon McInerney has been charged with pre-meditated murder and prosecutor’s have now added the special hate-crime charge.

It was also revealed that, sadly, the victim had been living at a shelter for abused children, although the circumstances why he was not with his parents were not revealed.

See update ‘Memorial March’ here.


Memorial for Lawrence King, outside E.O. Green Jr High. (photo LA Times)


5 thoughts on “Update – Oxnard gay shooting

  1. Personally curious why the juvenile victim of this tragic murder was living at a group home, in spite of his large family. Did the family fail to accept the youth because he identified as gay and dressed in non-traditional dress? Did family and society fail this youth, as his school did?This case, like all the other similar cases, demonstrate the absurdity of hate crime laws with enhanced penalities for special victims.

  2. Unfortunately, the media does not have all the facts about this story, so I can image it’s hard to decifer the truth, but I assure you the reality of what happened will come out soon enough.

    In the meantime, know it was never a matter of Larry not being accepted by his family. He was loved dearly.

    A sad friend of the family…

  3. I’m glad to hear that he wasn’t rejected by his family. I’m sure lots of details are yet to emerge from this story. But for now the family must be overwhelmed just trying to comprehend that this has happened, and grieving.

  4. In my opinion larry had fault too. he should of never humiliated brandon in front of his friends. i respect larry for his sexual choice but he shouldn’t of been teasing brandon or any of his fellow students.I think brandon shouldn’t be charge as an adult. i see brandons side and i feel like he was only defending himself and trying to make larry stop because he was tired.R.I.P larry but he still has fault

  5. I am honestly, disappointed by the way people end up making choices…Yes I slightly believe that Larry humiliated the other kid, but in all honesty was it necessary to deal with it by killing Larry? No! He could have had authority to deal with the issue rather than taking the issue to his own hands. That is why we have, Police, Principals at school, teachers, parents etc.

    My condolences to the family of Larry, R.I.P

    I’m Majoring in Psychology, and the following is, something I have created to hopefully help people out their like Brandon.

    How do you handle anger?

    Anger is one of the things that are inevitable in life. Everyone is human therefore; everyone is bound to get angry at some point in their lives. Some tend to manage their actions due to anger better than others. I believe self control is something people should consider practicing, a perfect way to do so is, to get involved into something that’s relaxing to oneself, like yoga, boxing or swimming. These things build character and strength both mentally and physically even though anger happens to be natural, it can be extremely unhealthy if you begrudge upon such issues. I personally stop and think of the consequences that any action I make out of anger may bring, before actually acting out. Usually as I do so, I end up apologizing or forgiving (depending on the issue), regardless of the issue, to avoid trouble and end such anger.

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