Erik Rhodes at the GayVN 2008 show

Update:  Erik’s “Ex-wars”

Superstar hottie but perennial runner-up Erik Rhodes extended his streak as the Susan Lucci of gay porn again this year.  He certainly deserved a win.   He made the best of it though,  letting a fan give him a blowjob while he enjoyed the ceremony from his front row seat.   I guess the Gift Center security detail didn’t have a view of the front row because reports from the event stated that they were very animatedly trying to prevent the naked shennanigans that were taking place in the six story glass elevator.

erik-rhodes.jpg Erik wrote in his blog Slipping Away that he made the best of the weekend in spite of the loss.

“Apart from losing my awards, i did have a pretty amazing night. I’m not sure how i determine what makes an amazing night? But i guess i’m equating my night the amount of gorgeous guys i got to hook up with. I know that i was basically doing it to make myself feel better, but fuck it. it was totally worth it and justified in my eyes. When else do i get to play around with the guys from other studios?
Which leads me to “The Pretty Russian”. I woke up this morning, cuddling with one of the cutest guys i have come across in a long time. I stared at him while he slept. There was something about the hair on his stomach that made me think, “Jesus, this is why i love being gay, this is why i love men, this makes me happy”. I laid my head on chest and went back to bed with a smile on my face dispite my vicious hangover. ”

Gosh I wonder what the winners got?

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