Pink Flight drops load of spent revelers at Sydney Mardi Gras

1_pink-plane.jpgAir New Zealand’s much talked-about Pink Flight delivered a Jumbo Jet load of circuit-boys, Kathy Griffin stalkers and quite possibly confused straight people,  last week after its 14 hour drag queen, TV camera and comedy filled Pacific crossing from San Francisco to Sydney.

An hilarious blow-by-blow account (and as Kathy Griffin said, the Mile High Club was enouraged) of the flight from check-in to landing can be found in the Advocate whose reporter Kyle Buchann filed an exclusive report here.

14_kathy_hot_body.jpg Kathy Griffin walks the “runway” for the Hot Body contest (she lost).   Lots of fun was had on this flight, it’s definitely on my radar for next year.  More pictures after the jump.


Gate decorations. Passengers walked up a pink carpet to be interviewed by drag queens as they arrived.


Miss Ribena en route.


2 thoughts on “Pink Flight drops load of spent revelers at Sydney Mardi Gras

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  2. Yikes – the posts on the Advocate site were a bit harsh. It does look like the flight was far from full. Wonder if there will be a repeat next year.

    It looked like a lot of fun to me…however I’m guessing that I’d be a little cranky towards the end of the flight if there wasnt a break in the hilarity to allow for a little sleep time.

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