Bush’s albatross – McCain’s neck

artmccainsbushap.jpgPresumed Republican presidential nominee John McCain accepted President George Bush’s endorsement today in a White House ceremony.  Both Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, in a dead heat now for the Democratic nod, welcomed the news.

Can’t wait to see how many campaign appearances McCain let’s Bush make for him.  My guess is that increasing linkage between McCain and Bush is going to have a toxic effect on McCain’s standing with moderate independents.  I’m sure McCain wants to get the far-right more enthused (they’re still not).  Maybe he can garner the endorsements of other dead Presidents, too.  Oh, wait, Bush is only brain-dead not dead dead.

Democratic strategist Paul Begala remarked of McCain when told of the endorsement:

“He’s embraced the Bush tax cuts that he voted against. He was against them being temporary; now he wants them being permanent. That’s like marrying a girl you didn’t want to date. He rushed to Bush’s Social Security plan, even disavowing his own Social Security plan on his own Web site. He has now become Bush’s third term.”

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