More Sally Kern fallout

 You’ve surely seen the blogosphere coverage of the Sally Kern affair.  If not, the story at DownWithTyrrany  is in-depth and comprehensive.  It includes the original leaked audio, the recent Ellen show video, as well as local media coverage and commentary to date.

So far she has not backed down from her remarks.  She has a history of homophobic legislative proposals and this is not an isolated incident.  Nor have her remarks been repudiated so far by the Republicans in the OK legislature.  Rep. Kern may have a dis-owned gay son, and perhaps has convinced herself that he was converted by the public education system – a topic she is obsessed with.  In the audio that was leaked, she states that “the indoctrination of the young children” is the reason the government wants very small children to have access to preschool programs.

Now her remarks have sparked a conversation in Oklahoma about whether this type of commentary creates an atmosphere that incites violence against gays.  Christians (of a different stripe) have also responded to her.

The Rev. Russell Mark of the Association of Welcoming and Affirming Baptists, reminded her of what it is to be a Christian and how registering to be a Republican is not the same thing as following Jesus Christ’s teachings of love and acceptance.

As a Christian I have to ask what kind of god do you worship that you would seek the murder of children? Does your Jesus call you to spread lies, repeat gossip and inuindo about people you don’t even know? Does your Jesus teach you to spread hate and to live in fear and teach others to live in fear? So very odd isn’t it that your Jesus and my Jesus are so very different. You see, my Jesus teaches the power of love; to confront my enemies face to face; to embrace them and seek to understand them; to find commonality. Out of humilty, seek understanding and out of love, to not be afraid. Even in my anger at what you have said, I would seek to understand how you, my sister-in-Christ would say such ignorant, offensive and incitful things. How do you take a few obscure passages and totally ignore all that Christ teaches and seek to bludgeon an entire people? How do you do this and then go to church and worship the Christ who gave everything to reconcile the world? What about bigotry and fear-mongering is Christ-like? How dare you treat the cross with such distain! And how dare you misuse the authority of your office. Be ashamed Representative Kern. Be very ashamed. More than your constituents are watching; God is watching.

Its clear that Rep. Kern’s views are not universal in Oklahoma, but the leak reveals the depth of hatred and indeed obsession in some, and even some that may be rising to power. If you wish to send some gay luvin to officials in Tulsa, this story has lots of links and addresses for sending emails or snail mails to those in power, if you scroll down a page or so.

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2 thoughts on “More Sally Kern fallout

  1. Saw the AP wire item today on this in the SF Chronicle. Took a week to get printed in SF. They had no in-house work at all on this story. To top it off the wire story was a few days out of date – the FBI already reported that Kern lied or at least exaggerated about receiving death threats.

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