Iraq War fading from view?

Have you noticed a drop in coverage on the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan lately?  You’re not imagining things.  Reports that would have made the front page or the opening of the Nightly News a year ago don’t necessarily “make the fold” anymore.  Economic news, closer to home, trumps Iraq in viewer and reader pull now.  A sense that things are “going better”  contributes to a decline in interest in the details.

In fact, the three broadcast networks’ nightly newscasts devoted more than 4,100 minutes to Iraq in 2003 and 3,000 in 2004, before leveling off at about 2,000 a year, according to Andrew Tyndall, who monitors the broadcasts and posts detailed breakdowns at By the last months of 2007, he said, the broadcasts were spending half as much time on Iraq as earlier in the year.

Complete report from the NYT here.

And based on the recent Pew Center research report finding that public interest in the war has declined markedly, the Democrats cannot count on this being a decisive issue for the election.

Still, the economy could be a factor in the Dems favor as long as people can afford gas to get to the polls.


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