Easter celebrated in Queeristan style


My partner and I were lucky that our annual family celebration of Easter was an Easter Brunch near the beach in Aptos this year.  It was a cozy and comfortable family gathering.  And what’s not to like about a warm sunny day in a beach town?  Did I mention I didn’t even have to cook?  My partner made a complicated and delicious Italian cake filled with almonds, dried fruits and liqour.  Italians – they know how to live!

Meanwhile back in San Francisco another traditional Easter celebration also experienced fine weather, at the local Dolores Park, a.k.a. (on sunny days) “Dolores Beach”.

The annual Easter charity event organized by our own Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence was themed Noir this year.  Actually “the intersection of 29th and Noir” which celebrates the 29th anniversary of the Sisters.  The Sisters are around the world  now, but got there start right here in SF, and the San Francisco organization helps mentor new spin-offs.  The Sisters have raised over $1,000,000 for worthy causes since inception including non-profit organizations that serve not only the queer and sex positive communities but also mainstream organizations that don’t discriminate in their charity work such as the Red Cross Disaster Relief Fund and women’s breast cancer charities including Wendy’s Hope.

Not to say they are without controversy, because the Catholic Church has taken offense at their parodies of religious rites.  Well that might change if the biggest queens in the Vatican would just come out of their Prada and Gucci-stuffed closets.

This past Sunday the Sisters, as mentioned, conducted their annual Easter  fund raiser at Dolores Park.  Traditional events including the Hunky Jesus contest amongst the music and general picnicing going on.

The agenda for the day was:

Break out your Sunday finest for our Bonnet Contest, and be judged by your peers and Sister Dana Van Iquity and Sister Roma [1:00p]! Or if you really want a pair of cement shoes “downstairs”, line up to be our next Hunky Jesus [3:20]. Be warned though — Sister Barbi Mitzvah and Sister Edith Myflesh are tough as nails (although the word on the street is that they might be bribable). Each contestant has an opportunity to add $100 to their bank! Not bad for exhibiting the sins of pride and vanity with a little envy thrown in for good measure. Now if all this talk of sin is getting you down, Sister Mable Syrup will be on hand to take Confessions. If this broad don’t put you on the narrows, no one will. And yet, there are some mighty fine people in this city, and Sister Dinah Might will bestow the honor of Saint to those that serve our community [12:20p].
As one attendee reported:

“it was a beautiful easter day. people were out in masses. i’ve never seen the park so crowed. they came in costumes, and some even sans clothes. i saw baskets covering “baskets”, a chicken lady, what looked like a troll priestess, and a variety of bunnies.”



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