Moby tops Sally Kern

I’m seriously going to have to start listening to more Moby.  I found this comment from him, via Towleroad, on Sally Kern’s public-private ranting about homosexuals:

moby_2.jpg“ok, where to begin…how about this simple question: what did jesus (presumably sally kern’s god) say about homosexuality? let’s see…nothing? yup, nothing. dear sally kern: jesus never mentioned homosexuality. allow me to put it a different way, perhaps in question form…how many times did jesus mention homosexuality? oh (to be conversational), none? yup none. never. not once. zero. he did mention divorce (saying it was bad), and capitalism (ditto: bad), and judgementalism and intolerance (again: bad), and forgiveness (good). but homosexuality? never mentioned by jesus in the gospels. so why are the religious right in the u.s so utterly obsessed with homosexuality? and how is the homosexual agenda (whatever that might be) destroying the nation? i mean, if evangelicals call themselves christians shouldn’t they sort of base their evangelical agenda on the things that christ actually said?

While his comments in the quoted Advocate article are over-the-top he’s obviously a good friend to have.


One thought on “Moby tops Sally Kern

  1. Not to nitpick, but Jesus didn’t say that capitalism was bad. He said that greed was bad, which is a big difference.

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