Lesbians want the name back

Straight Lesbians (from the isle of Lesbos) have taken a Greek Gay and Lesbian group to court over the use of the name Lesbian.  One of the plaintiffs states:

“This is not an aggressive act against gay women…  Let them visit Lesbos and get married and whatever they like. We just want (the group) to remove the word lesbian from their title.”

He said the plaintiffs targeted the group because it is the only officially registered gay group in Greece to use the word lesbian in its name. The case will be heard in an Athens court on June 10.

However the same person is also quoted with this homophobic remark:

…the name of the association, Homosexual and Lesbian Community of Greece, “insults the identity” of the people of Lesbos, who are also known as Lesbians. My sister can’t say she is a Lesbian.  Our geographical designation has been usurped by certain ladies who have no connection whatsoever with Lesbos.

Full reportage here…


Did Clinton backer maneuver Obama albatross Wright to the National Press Club?

New York Daily News political columnist Errol Louis speculates today about the relationship of Barbara Reynolds, a Clinton supporter, and Jeremiah Wright the one-time ‘spiritual advisor’, now rotting albatross, to presidential hopeful Barack Obama.  Reynolds introduced Wright at the Press Club function on Monday.

A former editorial board member at USA Today, she runs something called Reynolds News Services and teaches ministry at the Howard University School of Divinity. (She is an ordained minister).

It also turns out that Reynolds – introduced Monday as a member of the National Press Club “who organized” the event – is an enthusiastic Hillary Clinton supporter.

On a blog linked to her Web site- http://www.reynoldsnews.com- Reynolds said in a February post: “My vote for Hillary in the Maryland primary was my way of saying thank you” to Clinton and her husband for the successes of Bill Clinton‘s presidency.

The same post criticized Obama’s “Audacity of Hope” theme: “Hope by definition is not based on facts,” wrote Reynolds. It is an emotional expectation. Things hoped for may or may not come. But help based on experience trumps hope every time.”

In another blog entry, Reynolds gives an ever-sharper critique of Obama: “It is a sad testimony that to protect his credentials as a unifier above the fray, the senator is fueling the media characterization that Rev. Dr. Wright is some retiring old uncle in the church basement.”

I don’t know if Reynolds’ eagerness to help Wright stage a disastrous news conference with the national media was a way of trying to help Clinton – my queries to Reynolds by phone and e-mail weren’t returned yesterday – but it’s safe to say she didn’t see any conflict between promoting Wright and supporting Clinton.

‘Hole Foods??

Totally unconfirmed rumor over at Curbed has Whole Foods moving into the Gayborhood, in the Ford Dealer space up the hill from Mecca, at Market and Dolores.  The site seems be large enough.  Who knows how long it might take to get it through Planning.  The Trader Joe’s was shot down; and Whole Foods is after all another chain store and therefore has two strikes against it.

I like Whole Foods but with food prices continually rising and my writing not yet bringing in the Danielle Steele type advances I think it’s a moot point for me.

Kathy and Woz in Splitsville Shocker!

I’m still not even over her divorce of Matt, and here goes The Woz.  Oh, and who knew she was 47?  Suddenly I feel less old!

Via US.

Kathy Griffin has split from billionaire Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak.

“He is an awesome guy, but I have to say he is in the friends category now,” Griffin, 47, told Usmagazine.com at the GLAAD Awards in L.A. Saturday.

“As a matter of fact,” she added, “I got an email last week from him, and he is going to marry someone else… I think he might be married. I don’t really know that for sure, though.”

She insisted there are no hard feelings: He even appears on the upcoming season of her Bravo reality show.

“He is really cute and funny on it,” she said, adding, “He’s totally a life-long friend.”

Griffin and Wozniak, 57, met last year after he watched her perform in Saratoga.

Griffin split from husband Matt Moline in 2006.

Popping my podcast cherry. Whoo-hoo! Ouch!

My second client liked the marketing piece I created from his 55 minute audio recording so much that I have my first add-on business.  Wheee!  Except it’s to create a script for a five to ten-minute podcast based on the same material, aimed at CTOs.  I guess CTOs don’t have time to read.  Anyway, I am excited but now have to figure out to estimate what this will take to do.  I haven’t done a script before, so I’m making a list of questions and consulting some reference materials.

Meanwhile, however, I am going to spend a few hours tonight on another edit and rewrite of a short story I am working on to submit to an anthology editor on the topic of future ‘homotopias.’