Catching up

It’s been a taxing week here in Queeristan.  I’m glad I didn’t put the taxes off until the 14th this year – I was under the misimpression that TurboTax handled all the new California domestic partner legislation dealing with income tax.  TurboTax sort of handles it, but it doesn’t combine the separate federal returns which are still required.  So we had to do our regular taxes.  Knew that.  Then, I had to go through what turned out to be an error-prone process of combining our “single” federal tax returns into both a joint federal and a joint California return.   I’m kvetching but on the other hand being able to file a joint return for California ended up saving us quite a bit.

All that, and I missed out on our short Spring season earlier this week, and now it’s cold again.  Bleh.


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