Half century mark

I turned 50 this past week.  Wow, that sounds old when I write it out like that.   I’ve been very calm about it, not even shredding the premature AARP junk mail that has been flooding in.  My partner Rick threw me an incredible party last night, and the night was warm enough that we had guests enjoying cocktails, conversation, the views and perhaps even a doobie from the roof deck til late.  I drank way too many Pineapple-ginger-fizz punch + SKYYs.  Rick made the punch, from ginger root slices he steeped in a sugar water bath to mix with the pineapple juice and soda water.  The best part (aside from mixing the resulting delicious concoction with the SKYY) was getting to munch on the ginger slices after the syrup was strained off.  Rick put them out in a bowl, unlabelled, at the party and I noticed people were not going for them.  The slices look like small potato chips, so people thought they were chips, and soggy ones!  After that was explained, they became quite popular.  Ginger is not only a great flavor, those slices had heat!

Rick had prepared quite a bit for this party as I found out at the last minute when the surprises were unveiled.  Instead of black banners and balloons there were “50 is HOT” buttons (with a muscly caricature of me!)  and lots of friends trying very hard to make me feel good.  And the punch+SKYY helped I think.  And the spanokopitas.  Okay and the doobie helped too.  Oh and the Stella D’Oro bakery cookies, don’t forget those.  Thanks Rick, and everyone!  I had a blast turning 50!


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