Milk Mural Mourned

Reporter Matthew Bajko for The BAR writes that the mural memorializing Harvey Milk on the south wall of the Duboce Park rec center is being painted over in a few weeks.  The City is in the process of renovating the rec center, and the mural has faded over the (20) years since it was installed in 1988.

“… in 1988 muralist Johanna Poethig unveiled her famous Harvey Milk mural. On her Web site she describes the mural as Milk “painted in his victory pose on top of the image of himself dressed as a clown, with his beloved dog in the foreground. The other figures represent the activities at the recreation center.”

The naming of the building and the mural are believed to be the first public tributes to Milk after his death. Poethig and friends of the slain supervisor said this week they are saddened by the mural’s demise.”

New art installations are planned at the site.  More here….


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