Around the ‘hood

Yesterday as I was in a hurry to get home and avoid the impending rain, I was waiting for the 24-Divisidero at 18th and Castro.  A young man pushing a baby stroller was walking down Castro toward the bus shelter.  A young man wearing red tights, bright green shirt, and bright red hair.  (Not orange, red!)    Later, as I was riding the bus up the hill above the Castro, a young woman pulled the cable to get off at 21st Street.  I hadn’t noticed her, although the bus wasn’t crowded.  As she rose to leave the bus, my gaze went to her feet – or really her legs and feet.  She was wearing shiny black vinyl boots that came up over the knee, with at least a dozen buckles, and three inch platform heels.  With the goth makeup, she looked like Severin the depressed Dominatrix in Shortbus.

To top off the trend, as I was walking through the intersection of Castro and Market today, I overheard a stout woman, at least in her forties, saying to her friend on her cell phone “Honey, I am going to get my nose pierced again.”   She was indeed walking in the direction of the The Gauntlet, the premier piercing  joint around.


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