Milk Mural Mourned

Reporter Matthew Bajko for The BAR writes that the mural memorializing Harvey Milk on the south wall of the Duboce Park rec center is being painted over in a few weeks.  The City is in the process of renovating the rec center, and the mural has faded over the (20) years since it was installed in 1988.

“… in 1988 muralist Johanna Poethig unveiled her famous Harvey Milk mural. On her Web site she describes the mural as Milk “painted in his victory pose on top of the image of himself dressed as a clown, with his beloved dog in the foreground. The other figures represent the activities at the recreation center.”

The naming of the building and the mural are believed to be the first public tributes to Milk after his death. Poethig and friends of the slain supervisor said this week they are saddened by the mural’s demise.”

New art installations are planned at the site.  More here….


Reality bites

Meow! The claws and teeth are out on the new Workout series on BravoTV.  This might be an interesting season.

I admit to being addicted to this show…and to Top Chef, and Project Runway (which seems to be leaving the Bravo fold).  Hmmm must be that gay thing!

When is Jackie taking Skyport and Spa up to San Francisco?  On second thought, I think the BravoTV producers need to look at this fitness center (and the two hunks who run it) to do another show.

Fickle finger of fog f*cks up our warm weather

The crazy-warm weather that we in San Francisco enjoyed all weekend is now ending.  It’s still sunny but the wind is now picking up and coming in from the Pacific, and what I call the “fickle fingers of fog” are now streaming over Twin Peaks to start there way down the 24th Street corridor in Noe Valley.  I can see on the other side of Diamond Heights that Glen Park is already fog-shrouded.

Well – no dinner on the roof tonight.  But I will sleep better at least.

Half century mark

I turned 50 this past week.  Wow, that sounds old when I write it out like that.   I’ve been very calm about it, not even shredding the premature AARP junk mail that has been flooding in.  My partner Rick threw me an incredible party last night, and the night was warm enough that we had guests enjoying cocktails, conversation, the views and perhaps even a doobie from the roof deck til late.  I drank way too many Pineapple-ginger-fizz punch + SKYYs.  Rick made the punch, from ginger root slices he steeped in a sugar water bath to mix with the pineapple juice and soda water.  The best part (aside from mixing the resulting delicious concoction with the SKYY) was getting to munch on the ginger slices after the syrup was strained off.  Rick put them out in a bowl, unlabelled, at the party and I noticed people were not going for them.  The slices look like small potato chips, so people thought they were chips, and soggy ones!  After that was explained, they became quite popular.  Ginger is not only a great flavor, those slices had heat!

Rick had prepared quite a bit for this party as I found out at the last minute when the surprises were unveiled.  Instead of black banners and balloons there were “50 is HOT” buttons (with a muscly caricature of me!)  and lots of friends trying very hard to make me feel good.  And the punch+SKYY helped I think.  And the spanokopitas.  Okay and the doobie helped too.  Oh and the Stella D’Oro bakery cookies, don’t forget those.  Thanks Rick, and everyone!  I had a blast turning 50!

Work it!

Well, I landed my first (paid!) freelance writing jobs this week.  I’ll be writing technical marketing literature for a global IT consultancy.  Yippee!  But I will be back here later today with some new posts.  In the meantime, here is a hilarious set of amateur web-cam posts on YouTube, in the genre of fan videos set to pop music.

The first is a video by two girls set to Daft Punk’s (French techno – exactly, its a complete oxymoron) ‘Faster, Harder, Stronger, Better’.  That’s apparently spreading virally, and the Daft Punk guys have responded by doing their own web-cam video, as a take-off on what these girls did. The Daft Punk guys are Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo and Thomas Bangalter.

Below, the ‘Daft Punk Girls’

and Daft Punk’s own ‘fan’ video.  Now if you’ve seen Daft Punk before you won’t be surprised they can manage the choreography, but they’re normally in sci-fi looking over the top costumes  (as alluded to by the Daft Punk girls’ own headgear).  I don’t think I’ve even seen their faces before in their videos:

And below is my favorite version, totally different but a fun take on the song, from the iMitate duo:

Runway takes off…for Lifetime

Producers of Project Runway are saying Auf Wiedersehen to BravoTV.  Queeristan favorite Project Runway has reached a deal to produce the next season for Lifetime, moving from BravoTV, aka the other gay network.  NBC, which owns BravoTV, is suing.  Even before the announcement by Project Runway producer The Weinstein Company, NBC had agreed to move next season’s Runway to a broader NBC-owned outlet.

Spring was in the air…

I toured around the gayborhood a few days ago snapping pics of all the Spring-flowering plants. It always amazes me how varied the local micro-climates are. Within a few blocks or less the plants that thrive or struggle change. Some areas are protected from the ocean wind, some get more sun, some are rocky and others sandy. My roof “garden” on the other hand is the proverbial dead zone. And now that I’ve done the taxes and have some time for outdoors, it’s turned cold and summery.

See the pics!