Mint juleps, and cash

My bf and I went to a Kentucky Derby party yesterday.  The setup is that everyone contributes some money to a betting pool, and draws a horse out of a hat (literally – they had a white cowboy hat).  While we waited for the race, the hosts made mint juleps for everyone.  No one had ever had a mint julep.  The most common reactions were:  wow, these are stromg!  tastes like a Manhattan, and bleh.  Most guests ended up drinking vodka cocktails.

Rick drew the favorite – Big Brown.  So he was sitting pretty from the get-go.  He has all the luck at casinos too!  I drew Eight Belles, who I hadn’t even read about in the run up to the race.  But, as lady luck had it,  Big Brown got first place and Eight Belles got 2nd (and sadly two shattered ankles).  So we walked away with a total of $300 plus a bonus of grey goose.  Yoo-hoo!  So this goes to prove to me that I only get betting luck with my bf.  I’m going t start taking him on ‘dates’ to race tracks.  We’ll be in NYC over Memorial Day weekend, I’m sure there’s a race at the Meadowlands or somewhere close by.  Hint hint.


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