San Francisco Carma

I’m posting this from a window seat at Ritual Roasters on Valencia Street this morning. Its early, generally quiet, as the tech crowd tends to be a later bunch. The oft-seen construction No-Parking paper signs are posted out front on Valencia and I was wondering what would be going on. There is still a shiny new Mercedes E class parked out front here.

That was cleared up a few minutes ago as a I spied a vehicle with giant claws, conveyor belt, and monster-truck tires that really belong only at the Cow Palace heading down this way. Spewing hot asphalt into a truck-bed being pulled in front of it. I thought – that looks odd, I would think if they are repaving the hot asphalt would be going on the street.

Continuing to watch, I saw that the monster was simultaneously heating and then tearing off the surface of the street, and depositing it into the truck in front.  Belching an oily black cloud of smoke and tar as it went.  All over the Mercedes parked on the street in front of the No-Parking signs.  Presumably a tow-truck was called but they started anyway and just worked around the car.

Prediction – the owner    Will    Not    Be    Happy.


One thought on “San Francisco Carma

  1. …hehehe….I wonder how happy the owner was when he returned to find his newly decorated car. Probably not so happy with his decision to ignore the no parking signs.

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