Arraignment of Larry King’s alleged killer – Brandon McInerney – postponed

A judge in the Larry King case has granted a continuance to the defense for Brandon McInerney, alleged killer of the gay teenager at Ventura’s E.O. Greene Jr. High School.   The Advocate interviews Senior Deputy District Attorney Maeve Fox, responsible for prosecuting McInerney, for an update on the case today.
From my viewpoint, the amazing and dismaying news about the case stems from the reported strategy of public defender.  The article quotes defense attorney Quest as saying that one of his arguments will be that Larry King ‘ teased’ the 14 year-old Brandon McInerney by saying he liked him.

In an April 20 interview with the Ventura County Star, Quest said King dressed differently, sometimes wearing make up and women’s clothing to school. Additionally, Quest said, students witnessed King teasing McInerney, telling him that he liked him. Quest told the Star  that McInerney perceived King’s treatment as harassment.

Now, if the 14 year-old McInerney had killed a girl at school, would the defense attorney even consider presenting such ‘teasing’ (and its not teasing) as a murder defense?  Certainly not – but the fact that a person of some intelligence, such as a practicing attorney, would believe that to be a credible argument in this case is really a damning accusation against society.  Quest believes that the judge and / or jurors might be inclined to believe that what would be considered normal social interaction between a teenage boy and girl could be legitimate grounds for murder of a gay teen.

Without even getting into any arguments about accuracy,  this is disgusting!


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