Shamefully tasteful

Jason, Erik, Austin, ummm…Lorenzo!

Looks like hot New York City designer Marc Jacobs’ new boyfriend has been identified. And the tabloids are not pleased! The new and fashionable accessory has his own successful career (well, so did Jason and Erik!) in Advertising and has been described as ‘warm-hearted and emotionally grounded.’   Well, that may be a switch. Advertising of course is that other institution known sometimes as ‘that great whore’ – so I’m not sure that this means a change of course for Jacobs. Plus, Lorenzo, the new guy, is apparently Brazilian. Which means hung. I doubt that Marc is looking at the synergy of his clothing line and his boyfriend’s ad agency or anything LOL.

From Gawker:

Marc Jacobs‘ new possible boyfriend, who we hissed about last week, has been identified. Lorenzo Martone, a Brazilian advertising exec, has been spotted with the seemingly scandal-proof fashion designer quite a bit of late. They were at the recent Marukami show at the Brooklyn Museum, the Costume Institute gala last week (as pictured in the previous post), and showed up to fellow designer Valentino’s birthday part on Friday night. And he seems normal.


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