South India hotness on Valencia Street

Sitting at the window of Ritual Roasters on Valencia this morning, as I work on a case study for a major online news organization in the UK, I see across the street that my favorite South Indian vegetarian restaurant has opened right here in SF.  Udupi Palace, ‘vegetarian Indian cuisine,’ is right here at 21st and Valencia St – I’ll have to go across and check their hours after I’m done here.

If it is indeed a branch of the original in Sunnyvale (between Lawrence and Wolfe) it’s a tremendous advance for the state of Indian cuisine in San Francisco – heretofore the domain of gloppy-sauce curry houses and a few decent but downscale operations like Pak-Wan.  In fact Valencia now has, within just two blocks, three Indian restaurants:  Udupi Palace, Dosa, and Aslam’s Rasoi.  I’ve enjoyed Dosa – also South Indian – but my partner found all the food a but too hot.  Neither of us thought much of Rasoi.  So that certainly leaves room for competition.  And not even to mention the new Kasa, which is still under construction at 18th and Noe in the Castro.

Note:  I checked the website for Udupi Palace and indeed the one here is using the same logo.  The website does not yet reflect this location – but is probably just in need of update.


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