The day after gay marriage

Last night people were dancing in the streets in the Castro.  A soundstage was erected, and helicopters whirred overhead to catch the crowd for the TV news feeds.  But now that the Supremes have rendered their verdict, what next?

The political pundits are already positing a redux of the “Issue” of gay marriage with a capital I as a political boon for republicans.  Something for their anti-Queer base to rally around come November.  I guess John “no gay marriage in my state” McCain is not enough on his own.  Meanwhile no words of encouragement from either the Obama or Clinton camps.

Since this was a court decision rather than an expression of the public will (which will likely come this November) politicos are treading carefully.  Being too far in front of the public means isolation rather than leadership.  The lame-duck Guvernator may be proving the rule in this case.

On an UP NOTE!

My honey smoochums asked me to marry him last night and I said “Yes!”   So, checking the calendar carefully so I would remember the date, we saw that it was the Ides of May.  Hmmm.   Well the anniversary we always celebrate is the Ides of March, so we are nothing if not consistent I guess.


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