College reunion weekend

Tonight is honey smoochem’s 20th or some such college reunion.  In Santa Clara, so we are going.  I expect a lot of questions about gay marriage. If lucky we will get back to SF in time to change and head back out to a friend’s birthday party in Noe Valley.  If not, dinner in a decorated dining hall will be my fate.

My own alma mater is all the way in Chicago, so I would only go for some extraordinary reason that I can’t even fathom right now.  Not that I don’t like Chicago – I do – but I wasn’t out in college, just kept with a tight circle of study-holic friends, and haven’t really kept in touch with even them.  So although I would be curious to see what’s happened with everyone, and what’s new on campus, I can’t see commiting a substantial block of time to the whole thing.

Honey smoochems himself is quite looking forward to seeing his companions from Santa Clara, and kinda sorta even keeps in touch with people.  He’s much better at that sort of thing than me.

My weekend highlight on the other hand may be Madonnarama and Kimo’s 20 years of Madonna in 20 minutes, on Sunday night.

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