I feel hungry

On a different note that my usual posts….here is an attempt at poetry.  Oh oh!

Hunger gnawing, chewing my soul, wanting to be part of ‘things’ – ‘people’ – always things.  Things externalized, intellectualized, imagined, never experienced.  Afraid of experience.  Experience brings pain, failure, expulsion, darkness, sadness, self alone.  Wanting, needing to be there, but not be with or a part of.  To be part of something, some group, means what?  Unknown, fear, lack of control.  Giving up a part of me; being able to give up part of myself in order to become part of the group – how do they do this?  How do they convince themselves its ok to let go and fall in?  I feel I would drown or not not even that I would be bored and disappointed.  Is reality ever as real as what we imagine?  How could it ever be?  Perfect except for the loneliness…the feeling of hunger, to be there.


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