Erik Rhodes wins Grabbys! Finally! Really!

On May 24th the 17th annual Adult Erotic Gay Video Awards (Grabbys!) was held to coincide with IML weekend.   I suppose it makes sense as the porn stars will be there anyway – maybe they save on travel and hotel expenses.  But to the point(!) my right-coast pal Erik Rhodes won not just his first, but his first AND second awards at this event.  Technically he tied for one – but its the highest individual honor – Best Actor.  This for his role in “Ivy League” from Falcon of course.  He shares that with Jason Ridge from “A Rising Star”.  Jason’s new company Ridgeline Films by the way won its first awards.  His other award was Best Versatile Performer.

I sadly could not be there to congratulate Erik (and attend all the parties LOL!) as I was off on a museum and garden tour of New York City.   So I called to congratulate him but he must have been at parties all weekend as I rolled to voicemail every time.   And no, for the umpteenth time it is NOT true about a restraining order, and even so I was definitely more than 100 yards away all weekend.   So there!  I did finally catch up with him days later though.  He is his usual self-effacing self.  He hasn’t even watched himself in Ivy League and doesn’t think he’s a good actor.  And he hates the limelight, the publicity, the requests for interviews and photo ops.

Fortunately for you my pretties, not everyone missed IML and the Grabbys.  You can check out all the NSFW scoop here.’  And more here.  Note – this last one is not a permalink.  You will just have to browse the entire weekend of blog entries.

PS. I would have posted a pic of Erik basking in the award glow. However the only pics I could find involved other actors congratulating him rather, uh, intimately, and the above pic was absolutely the tamest – although he does have an expression that says either “Jeez let go of my balls Steve” or “I still can’t fuckin’ believe I won!”

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2 thoughts on “Erik Rhodes wins Grabbys! Finally! Really!

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