Former Bush spokes-piece Scott McClellan dupe or liar? You decide.

In his just released new book “What Happened: Inside the Bush White House and Washington’s Culture of Deception” Scott McClellan, the spokes-piece for the Bush administration in its earliest years turns on his former employer.  Accusing him of  employing propaganda and “self-deception” as convenient mechanisms for furthering his political agenda, McClellan lays into Bush but does not spare other members of the quasi-Politburo of Bush’s closest advisors including Karl Rove and Condoleeza Rice.

I find the media interest in the book annoying, as if prior to this we didn’t have any finger-pointing, leaked complaints or even disagreements within what we are supposed to think is a monolithic if incompetent Administration.  In reality of course McClellan is hardly the first member of the Bush circle to publicly make these accusations.  And as the three-year spokes-piece his prime accomplishment was to make the Daily Show’s writers’ jobs easy.   Given he never voiced any dissent nor did he resign, one can perhaps conclude from the publication of his book that while McClellan would be hard-pressed to tell the truth from a cockroach, he has a nose for money.

On the other hand, some patriots from within the Administration have dared to publicly disagree, and be fired, rather than cower and take the money.  Recall last summer’s sudden departure of Admiral William Fallon after his interview with Esquire magazine was published in which he stated that Bush and cronies supporting him were actively fanning the flames of public opinion to invade Iran.  And he disagreed with that.  His interview basically ‘outed’ Bush and Rice on the issue, and back-pedaling was made imperative soon after as the news that American intelligence had learned that Iran had abandoned a nuclear weapons program long ago.

Update:  Interesting interview of McClellan by Katie Couric, who puts him on the spot, on transcript over at Jossip.


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