I’ll be away…

…from Queeristan for the next week, visiting my father back in Wilmington, Delaware.  I’ll try to do some posting, which will have to be from Starbucks since my father has never bothered to get anything more than dial-up internet service.  I am looking forward to seeing him, doing some co-cooking, maybe fishing (aren’t I butch LOL?), and lots of card-playing, gardening, and talking.  My father, by the way, is quite a card shark – poker, bridge, pinochle, casino.  I on the other hand, never quite got the ability to count cards or remember (card) tricks so I am probably not much fun for my dad to play against.  He gets more competition from the folks he plays with three times a week at the senior center.  I have a picture (which I will not post) of my dad wearing a gold crown and holding a trophy for winning one of the card tournaments there last year.  He looks pretty darn silly.  But I say, You Go Dad!

And even though I won’t arrive at his house until almost midnight, he will have lasagne waiting for me.  That’s love!


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