Airline karma

Well it feels like I’ve truly left Queeristan behind – few traces of fabulousness grace suburban Delaware, let me tell you.  So far, I’ve totally worn out my air travel karma for who know how long.  Two weeks ago R and I had two back-to-back cross-country flights on American Airlines that were flawless.  No bumps, delays, lost luggage, crying babies, shoe bombers or TSA searches.  Back-to-back!  I was totally ready and arrived early for my latest cross-country flight, to Philadelphia this past Wednesday.  I figured I was due – TSA delay, weather delay, equipment failure – it was only a matter of which type of delay, not whether a delay would occur.  And yet – yet the Southwest Airlines flight arrived early in Philadelphia that evening!   And that was a day when thunderstorms disrupted schedules earlier in the day in Philadelphia.

So, now I am totaly paranoid about my trip back next week.

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