The week in Disturbia

I feel a thousand miles away from Queeristan this morning.  And yet, save for the lack of too-expensive-for-regular-people baby strollers and bicycles I could be sitting in the Starbucks on 24th Street in Noe Valley.  Well, that and the fact that there is a parking lot out front, and a strip mall across the road.  And a Dunkin Donuts in the strip mall.  But you get the idea.

But, the impression I have here is that this could be any patch of suburbia, or even “urbia,”  across the country, with little visible difference.  Now, I have checked and one difference here from SF is that Comcast Cable here carries a couple purely religious channels.  Not a surprise, except that one schedules a show called the John Hagee hour.  Yes, that John Hagee – the crazy-ass one!  And its on the “Inspiration Network.”  Go figure.

So I’ve been here in disturbia for two full days now.  I’ve gotten some work done, made a highly successful beef short ribs and pasta dinner which helped seal my good reputation as a chef for my dad (yea!), gotten some WWII stories that I hadn’t heard before, trimmed weeds, and won big at Poker last night with my dad and older sister.

Today, we all go bowling with my nieces.  Not Wii bowling either – the real thing.  Indoor activities are called for because it is supposed to hit 95 here today.

I’m working on getting more group recollections of the Alvin’s cabins vacation.  So far my dad has remembered another side trip we took, to a glacial moraine field somewhere in the Poconos.  So stay tuned!  More to come…


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