Disturbia is kicking my A**

Why is that here in Delaware, home of tax-free shopping, parking lots, strip malls, and Big Pharmaceuticals, I surrender to the junk-food monkey?  My father stocks candies and chips so that my nieces can have some when they visit.  Not that they live on junki food mind you.  They are rail-thin girls, in great physical condition, given the numbers of types of teams they are on and the activities like karate they are in.

Argh I feel awful – I have so far eaten a half a bag of “fun-size” hershey’s bars (also included some butter-fingers – yea!) which included special darks, krackles, and mr. goodbars.  Next, I munched half a (big!) bag of Utz potato chips (oh, Utz!  Can’t get those in Queeristan).

So, this morning I got my new whale-body out of bed and to the 9am Vinyasa Flow class at “Yoga U”.  Well,  in San Francisco the ambient temperature on an average June morning hovers around 55 degrees fahrenheit.  By contrast the morning temperature here is around 85 this morning.  And, they still had the heaters blowing in the studio at Yoga U.  And, it was a small studio, with lots of students.

Can we spell “Hot mess?”


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