iCan’t use that!

On a lighter note, fake Steve Jobs is up in arms, via Gizmodo, about Carrie Bradshaw panning the Apple iPhone in the new Sex and the City film.  Which is f*cking awesome BTW!  And frankly, who doesn’t sympathize with her plight, trying to use an iPhone in an emergency without any experience?

We always had our suspicions, but the new Sex and the City movie confirms what most people knew all along: Carrie Bradshaw is an idiot. Texually says: “…the iPhone has a walk-on, for a second. Carrie needs a phone [spoiler redacted] and as [sic] an iPhone is handed to hear [sic], she hands it back saying “I can’t work this!” Oh Carrie! It’s so easy, just bring up the phone app and you’re set. Might we recommend this iPhone Book? Not only does it teach you how to use the phone, it offers you tips on how to get your—let’s face it—ridiculous life together. You know, like positions and stuff.


One thought on “iCan’t use that!

  1. Let’s be fair to Carrie. She’s just found out that her husband to be later for their wedding and no where to be found. Ya, in her panic she’s going to stop and say “Hey! An Apple Iphone. How neat. I’ve never used one. Can someone stop and show me how to bring up the telephone application screen?”

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