Leaving Disturbia

It’s almost time for my week with Dad to end. And that means testing my airline karma tomorrow on Southwest. I’m not even going to keep my fingers crossed – I have books and my Macbook Pro to keep me occupied come-what-may. That said, I must say we spent some good time together, and I got to show him the stuff I am writing now, for this and for the weekly Tech Tips column. We made some good dinners together – he says he’s going to try the beef short-ribs over noodles. That was delicious (a Joy of Cooking recipe). He said he’s going to start shopping at Trader Joe’s too – he liked the smoked salmon, and the variety of fish he can easily cook. He’s going to come to the wedding in August too. He said he thinks its cool that its legal now. So that just leaves our agreement to disagree about McCain vs. Obama. At least he enjoys the Daily Show and some of the CNN pundits as much as his Fox ‘News’. And, I won at poker one night! I think that’s a first. We took my nieces bowling, and did some other stuff with them – like the guessing game of which webkin ‘kids’ belong to which webkin ‘parents.’ OMG whoever invented that racket is raking in the dough! So all in all a productive week outside of the usual confines of Queeristan. Although since I am here – Delaware’s Queer for a week!

R- I can’t wait to get back! Yoga and my shmoopy await.


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