Cosmonaut Brin?

What do you get if you google ‘cosmonaut Brin’?  Soon, if not already, you will get links to reports that Google co-founder and gazillion-billionaire Sergei Brin may lift off with others aboard a Soyuz spacecraft to the International Space Station as a space tourist.  He has made a $5 million dollar investment (which is negligible for him) in Virginia-based Space Adventures, as a reported down-payment on the $20 to $40 million price for a space ride.

The Russian space agency has announced that it will end its carrying of space tourists in 2010 when the size of the ISS crew expands to six, and requires all seats available aboard the Soyuz modules.

Personally, I just hope he makes it back in one piece, if he goes.  Not that Google wouldn’t survive without him – but it sure wouldn’t be the same.  The full New York Times article is here.


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