GuyWriter’s Conference

The GuyWriters is a Bay Area collective of Gay poets, playwrights and prose authors.  On Saturday June 21 as part of the 2008 Queer Arts Festival activities, a day-long series of workshops will provide inspriation and information.  Join in!

Full information and agenda are posted here at the conference website.

Despite the richness of queer arts in the San Francisco Bay Area, many of us writers are left scratching our heads: Why is there no conference serving gay writers? What happened to Outwrite? What happened to San Francisco as a center of queer literature and publishing?

Is there still a there there?

To revitalize the gay literary movement, GuyWriters calls all gay-identified and bisexual male poets, prose writers, and playwrights to gather for a one-day conference. Featuring workshops by Joël Tan, Kirk Read, Jay Frazier, Jaime Cortez, Matthew Graham Smith, John Fisher and other home-grown talent, the GuyWriters Conference offers participants the chance to pick up new skills, learn about the craft and the business of writing, and network with some of the most prolific gay writers in the Bay Area.

This is where the action is, boys.
Be there. Plug in.


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