Neocons – race-based campaigning against Obama

Bilerico Project has an insightful article on the Neocons’ marketing meme of Obama as a ‘scary black man.’  The LA Times has a report as well, citing the usual suspect FoxNews.  You may not have seen the spot they refer to although I actually did, as I was visiting my Dad at the time it aired.  Fox teleprompt-reader E.D. Hill calls the fist-bump of Barack and Michelle Obama a ‘terrorist fist jab’, among other things.

Bilerico report here.

LA Times piece here.

The LA Times piece includes the video footage of the “bump” and Fox’s message.

Storm Bear, author of the Bilerico piece, also cites Fox’s Sean Hannity thusly.

Sean Hannity prattles on and on about “secret Muslim,” “Obama’s radical past,” and “most liberal man in the Senate.” I wonder how Ted Kennedy feels about losing that title to Obama? I am sure he has larger fish to fry these days. (Get well Ted!)

And it’s not just about Barack Obama. Maureen Down in the NYT recounts the slur campaigns being strategized against his wife, Michelle.

She’s a devoted daughter, wife and mother who has lived the American dream, from the humble South Side of Chicago to Harvard Law School. Hey, isn’t it totally unAmerican to complain that being a black woman in the ’80s at a class-conscious, white-bread college, Princeton, was somewhat uncomfortable?

Just as Bill and Hillary did the “Pssst! He’s black!” thing on Barry, now the Republicans will use the same tactic on the strong and opinionated Michelle.

Unlike her husband, who wrote in his memoir that he had learned at a young age to smile and charm and disarm whites of the notion that he might be a bristly black militant, Michelle has not always hidden her jangly opinions so well. She has spent more time dwelling on the ways in which society can pull down the less privileged and refers a lot to a callous but unnamed “They.”

“Michelle,” as one political observer puts it, “is a target-rich environment.”

But wait – we can be expect the blogosphere to be fast and loose with un-vetted rumors and outright lies.  But, the broadcast news media have a different standard.  Let’s see what the caption-writers at Foxnews have to say about attacks on Michelle Obama.

Well – it’s good to see the standards for our 2008 Presidential campaign reporting are set at least as high as a Junior High Class President race.


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