OK Guv vetoes Sally Kern

Contrary to an earlier report, Sally Kern is still with us. Seems the OK Republican legislator (yes that one)  got the legislature to pass a bill that would have turned Oklahoma public schools into week-long Sunday schools.  We thank you, Lord, for causing the bill to be vetoed.  Really, seems like if she had her way, Oklahoma kids might not even be able to read their own bibles.  The scary part is that the bill got to the Governor.  The sad part is some many intelligent Oklahomans have to hear about her even more than we do.

From Tulsa World.

and earlier:
Queeristan newswire:

Sally Kern, the controversial Oklahoma state representative now infamous for her recorded comments denigrating gays, as well as Muslims and non-Christians, disappeared this morning from her office in the State Capitol building in Tulsa in what was described by an aide as The Rapture.

“Yes indeed, I believe her Maker called her up for the final days!” said Edith Fish. “A flash of light came, and I heard the voice of the Lord like a roll of thunder and when I could see again, she was gone.”

The disappearance occurred minutes after a delegation from OK-PLAG met with Kern in her office. The Rev. Loyce Newton-Edwards, president of the Oklahoma City chapter, explained that “What we said to her was that we were coming in a spirit of healing and reconciliation and we just wanted to talk and speak heart-to-heart.” Newton-Edwards said he and the other members of the PFLAG delegation were no longer in the building when the alleged taking-up-to-heaven transpired.

Oklahoma detectives and the FBI are on the scene. They are testing a granular white residue that was left after the incident. “Looks like about 120-125 pounds of material. We’re waiting for it to cool down before sending it to the lab” said Special Agent Dick Sargeant.

Queeristan will keep you posted.

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