Queers bearing gifts – the Queer Arts Festival

Just in time for Pride month, the Queer Cultural Center brings us literally dozens of small and large performance, art, and performance art gems in the form of the 2008 Queer Arts Festival.

Already underway, exhibitions and performances change daily, with open-mics, short plays, music, readings and more.  Comedy your thing?  Or are you a spoken-word grrrl?  Check out the agenda and make room in your iCal for some Queer Art fun.

The schedule of events is posted by the QCC here. Welcome letter from the Executive Director, Pamela Peniston.

Queer Cultural Center begins the second decade of its National Queer Arts Festival by shaking things up and twisting them around! This year, we open the festival on June 1st with our international art exhibition, Making Room for Wonder. We’re going on hiatus with the QBall this year and having some “Wonder-filled” performances during this visual arts opening at SomArts. Mighty Mistress of Ceremonies, the enchanting Heklina, will steer you toward the next happening.

This year’s Festival theme: Fringes, Margins & Borders, explores how queer artists fight against being marginalized by their own communities within and outside of the Queer community and battle to take center stage while still retaining an edgy queer identity. Topics tackled range from illness & disability, immigration & migration, ethnicity, the prison system, mixed-race issues & trans inclusion. The programs are intense, thoughtful, moving and sometimes hilarious.

Another Festival Focus trains my little eye on music! From queercore bands at El Rio presented with Queer Control Records, to a Men’s Music Festival; from the return of Rally the Troupes to a newer longer and more sparkly Hogwarts Express; from Exit Sign: A Rock Opera to A Queer Night at the Opera, we have the sounds to soothe your savage breast!

But there are so many new performances, exhibits, readings and cabaret programs (over 75 this year!), that I’m sure you’ll find something wonderful to experience! Have a wonderful time at the Festival!

Pamela Peniston
Executive Director


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