Same-sex marriage – controversial among gays

As if same-sex marriage were not generating enough controversy in the straight community, it’s drawing as much fire from within diverse LGBTQ groups as well.  Quoted today on Joe.My.God,  author Joseph Couture had this to say to the New York Blade:

“… As for gays who want to get married, I call them Borg homosexuals. They want to assimilate us, destroy individual choices and turn us all into drones. Or should I say hypocrites? Do you know how many straight married men I’ve done at the baths? And do you have any idea how many of the authentic straight men have affairs or cheat on their wives? Soon I can look forward to a little adultery with the gay married ones, too. They’re the ones who should be embarrassed. At least we sluts have the courage to be proud about whom we are without wearing that breastplate of righteousness.”

What critics seem to forget or ignore is that precisely because of its centrality to wider society, marriage carries with it legal rights that won’t come without access to that institution. The fact that marriage itself is undergoing a shift of seismic magnitude in terms of what it means and how it’s perceived simply underscores this centrality.

A local author, Matthilda Bernstein Sycamore, has a further opposing view here.

And Sandip Roy has an intriguing article from a South Asian perspective here.

When I left India for America, my aunts worried about who I might end up marrying. “I hope you’ll marry another Bengali,” an aunt told me. Over the years that relaxed to, “I hope she’s a Hindu, even if she’s not Bengali.” Then it became, “At least another Indian,” until finally we reached, “I hope you’ll get married to someone before we all die.”
She probably didn’t mean another man.

And for a supportive east coast take by a longtime activist Jay Blotcher, check this interview commentary courtesy of Eric Leven.


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