Gay marriage & Golden Girls – the weekend

Yesterday R and I went on a wedding-vow location hunt.  We had planned out several stops, i.e. potential sites that met our vague criteria of a) outdoors and b) somehow having that ‘special something’ quality whether it mean view, memories, or what-ev-ah.

We checked out Alamo Square Park, then Pierce Park (not well enough maintained!) as we made our way north.  We stumbled upon the Lyon Street stairs (looking for a different staircase), but liked it so much that has become our favored spot for the vows.  It has one of the (I left my) heart sculptures, beautiful landscaping (its in Pacific Heights, ‘natch) and borders the Presidio eucalyptus forest. We’ll just have to keep elbowing the retro-Yuppie joggers and keep the vows short.

Later, we went with a group of friends to the ‘Heklina does Dorothy’ (not that Dorothy) show a.k.a Golden Girls show at Mama Calizo’s Voice Factory. On Mission near Eleventh Street, it nurtures Queer performers, educators and artivists and has a performance space upstairs. One of the episodes re-created in the current show repeats the gay marriage episode done at Christmas. And the other episode has a lesbian love theme. Both enjoyable, and with a very appreciative audience.


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