Energy drinks, Greenpeace, Civil Liberties and Kirk Read

It’s been a busy hump day here in Queeristan.  I’m working on two technical writing assignments, and trying to keep my story ‘Alien in the Coffeehouse’ flowing as well.  I may have mentioned I was introduced to a drink called “Zrii” a few weeks ago – the drink actually came in a swag-bag of trinkets from the San Francisco GLAAD media awards dinner.  I rarely drink so-called energy drinks and Zrii didn’t label itself as an energy drink, but since I had it I drank it one afternoon and had a fa-bu-lous spurt of writing and concentration, with no crash symptoms later.  I looked around for more Zrii but it’s a MLM (multi-level marketing) product meaning it’s prohibitively expensive.

I tried out “Steaz” Energy drink yesterday to see if that helped my keep up my energy and concentration.  Advertised as all organic, with green tea and other herbs, I had hopes that it might provide a boost.  Nope, nada, just a hard crash a few hours later, without any uptime at all.  Today I am going to try “Full Throttle – Unleaded” (meaning no carb/sugars).  I’ll let you know if it has any effect.

Out at the gym and running errands today I could not help notice (and you probably ran into them too) the many volunteers with Greenpeace and the ACLU, helping protect our environment and civil liberties at the cost of “just a minute” (ACLU) or even “just a second of your time” (Greenpeace).  I guess there’s an attention-bidding war going on out there in our streets, and Greenpeace currently holds the advantage.

Which reminded me of Kirk Read’s performance art piece “This is the Thing”, performed last weekend as part of the Queer Arts Festival 2008, wherein one of his topics was imitating an environmental group volunteer, wandering the stage with a clipboard, asking “Have you got a minute for the environment?”  Which he did for a few minutes before begining to hop and stomp his feet, as the lights faded.  Hey – I’m just relating, not interpreting.

Speaking of whom, Kirk Read is conducting one of the workshops at the GuyWriters conference at the Gay Community Center this Saturday.


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