True Colors

R, G, J and I wound up Pride weekend in Berkeley at the Greek Theatre at UCB for the True Colors concert tour.  We got there a little late (BART troubles) but got into the theatre and seated during the Wanda Sykes stand-up performance without drama.  I hadn’t been to the Greek before (word – I’ve only ventured over to Berkeley three times before) and liked it immediately.  It’s a classical amphitheatre and all seats have excellent sight lines, albeit some folks need to bring opera glasses.

Wanda Sykes’ performance was hurt-my-abs funny, and I enjoyed the fact that a section of her material was drawn from the January Atlantis cruise which I already blogged about here.  Funny material then, and she has tweaked it a bit now do it’s even better.   Plus, she wasn’t totally inebriated so that improved the delivery LOL.

Next up, the B52s who performed quite a few cuts from their latest release, “Funplex.”  I liked the title cut best, with the line “I’m doing the mall on a diet pill.”  That totally sounds like me. Oh, yeah, they did do “Love Shack” and other oldies too.  I kept annoying my bf by saying things like “which one is Debbie Harry” and “are they going to do Walk like and Egyptian?”  The two friends we were with are both DJs so I felt totally justified in being stupid about all things musical.

Cyndi Lauper came on with her musical entourage and played to the crowd, wading right into the fans frequently.  I mentally was urging her to just dive off the stage and mosh around for awhile.  Haven’t seen that in years.  And the crowd was totally up for it.  She did not read my mind.

After the obligatory pretend-end where we all stand and clap and hoot for five minutes while the stage remains dark and forbidding, Cyndi came back and performed the closing routines which included “Girls just wanna have fun”.  All the performers came back on, rainbow lights came up, and as huge vari-colored balloons were lobbed off the stage for the audience to toss around, Cyndi began the rendition of “True Colors” which indeed was the finale.  I was verklempt!

We got back to the Castro in almost record time (like forty minutes) considering we were taking BART and Muni.  All the connections clicked.

Now, if I can just get my cellphone back from where I must have dropped it on BART I can post the videos I took of the performance.  Luckily I sent pics up to Flickr as I took them, so they are not lost.


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