Charlie Crist en-gayged

Charlie Crist, the republican governor of Florida, has become engayged to Carole Rome.  Just in time apparently to maintain his hopes as the ‘Pubs enter the prime VP-picking season.  As Boy Culture op-eds:

If you want to whine that we shouldn’t out homos in politics, or that we should be happy that a gay man might be on a ticket (even secretly) or that the left always calls right-wing gays self-loathing hypocrites and it’s just a cliché, consider this from an article linked above:

“Crist has repeatedly denied that he is gay and, with the election looming next week, has recently become more vocal in his stance against adoption by gay couples and in support of an amendment to the U.S. Constitution to ban gay marriage.”

John McCain, I think it’s great that you want to consider a gay guy as your veep. How terribly Democratic of you. But if you go through with it, we’re going to keep barking until the media does its job and exposes him as the lying hypocrite that he is. You think the Clintons’ sexual escapades got embarrassing? What stuff do you think is gonna bubble up from the swamps of Florida about a gay man in his 50s? That’s a whole lot of life he’s lived, and most of it is—so far—a big question mark.

John Stewart must be smiling a lot this weekend.


2 thoughts on “Charlie Crist en-gayged

  1. This should be fun; Florida has the best scandals. Can you imagine what kind of stuff is lurking in his closet? Some morning close to the ‘Pubs convention I imagine waking to an Examiner headline “Coke-tooting callboy scandal crisps Crist’s hopes.”

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