Weekend roundup

We had a quiet 4th of July long weekend.  Friday (you know, the day it was freezing and overcast here) we just went to Moby’s to catch up with our long time friends Dan and Don from the Southbay.  The usual Friday jam up never materialized, which was great ’cause it was easy to get drinks, and we had plenty to talk about.  We went next door to Zadin for dinner.  I like Zadin, for the higher-end Vietnamese cuisine and the minimalit decor which does not scream “I am an asian restaurant with fortune cookies.”  Not that even cheap Vietnamese restaurants have fortune cookies (at least the dives in San Jose which has dozens do not) but perhaps you get the picture – no cheap-o red and gold good luck New Year posters. Anyway, do try the spring roll with tofu.

We watched ‘Hard Candy’ that evening – we were so wild – which is a pretty wild film, hard to watch in parts.  But waiting out, because all the twists come at the end.  Well, all the twists that are going to matter to what you think of the characters come at the end, I will put it that way.  There are twists all along.

Sunday we did Jefree Spirit’s yoga class, then later went to the Eagle beer bust to meet friends again.  The crowd was as diverse as usual, and we had fun although R got a bit plastered on his vodka cranberries.  They do make stiff drinks there.  I tried out my NP neoprene moto-cross pants that I got in New York, with what I call my ‘dirty Britney’ zip-up muscle shirt.  It was a warm day, after all.

When we got back, we made dinner then just chilled and caught up on reading.   I am now reading Lolita, and having started it can hardly put it down.  The writing is so good, yet the subject matter is so out there it’s hard to imagine it was not only published in 1955, it was a bestseller.  Just finished Stephen King’s Writing, a Memoir, and re-reading Paul Monette’s Afterlife.  I’m still in the outlining phase now for my ‘Alien at the coffee house’ of which I have written five or six scenes to get a flavor for the characters.


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