Columbian goodness in the Mission

And, no, I’m not talking about blow!  R and I just got back from El Majahual, a nifty Columbian hole-in-the-wall across from the new City College Mission campus on Valencia.  It is a veritable hole-in-the-wall but very clean and light.  One woman runs the kitchen, and a very nice bilingual man does all the explaining, order taking, serving and “front of house” stuff.

Explaining will be needed because the menu here focuses on Columbian, as well as some other Latin American, cuisines.  It’s not as familiar as the Mexican restaurants all around.  It’s one of my favorite spots for a quick, inexpensive bite to eat when I want to feel like I’ve really eaten something.  You know, not like when you are being “good” and get the chicken caesar, dressing on the side.

Nah, here we get the Pupusas, fried yucca, and other delicious stuff.  Not greasy at all, but very different from the stuff we would have dining in the Castro.  We wouldn’t dare have fries on our plates in the Castro.   After all, you never know when friends are going to happen by.

R and I were in fact joking as we waited for our order tonight that we would have to recommend the place to a couple of our friends from LA.  LA types, you know.  A diet coke might be lunch.  A chicken Caesar with dressing would be over-the-top for dinner.  I made the mistake once with them at a breakfast place in Vegas of actually ordering a waffle and fried chicken for breakfast.  Like cripes, of course I wasn’t going to eat all the fried chicken!  But having spent most of the previous night on a dance floor I felt my body needed some actual caloric replenishment.  I might as well have ordered turds because the very idea of having fried food at the table made my LA friend D nauseous.


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