Weekend round-up

Sitting here at Bernie’s on 24th Street this morning.  I need to do a quick round-up of goings-on from the weekend.

Thursday evening we went to see “It’s murder, Mary!” at the New Conservatory Theatre.  A gay take-off on the dinner theatre murder mystery genre, it was good for a relaxing evening of laughter and parody.  Nothing serious or experimental about it; enjoyable humor.

Saturday night we went out to a check the scene South of Market since we had a friend in town from LA.  We started off at The Stud but it was too early, so we had a drink then sashayed over to PowerHouse.  We stayed there for a while, but it was also not really happening yet so we went back to The Stud to check if it was busy yet.  It was busy-er but not really.  The DJ (Kid Sisko) rocked though.  We then dropped by Lone Star just in case.  Then the Eagle, again just in case.  One of these days we will have to drop by Truck, as I hear good things about it.  Discouraged, we head back home but dropped our friend off at Lookout on the way back.  He told us the next day the place was jammed to the rafters (well, crowded anyway) and he had a fun time.  Has the Saturday scene moved to the Castro now?  I think it used to be just at Badlands, which I don’t really care for.  Hmmm.  And what about the places now in the Tenderloin, like Deco Lounge?  I’ve heard a few good reports but haven’t been yet.

Sunday we lay low.  We met some friends for brunch at Luna, then because of the nice weather found the wait too long and ended up at Harvey’s instead.  Later that afternoon we were at Moby Dick’s to celebrate a friend’s milestone birthday.  Then, back up the hill homeward, where we cooked dinner and watched the documentary “Power of Forgiveness” to end the weekend on a classy note.


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